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Hey folks. Sorry I missed you last week – it shan’t happen again.
As my comrades have stated, we had a fun string of shows last week, and now we are back at home for a couple weeks. In this time, I am going to be working out a new set for us to start playing in June, using new loops and intros and what not. Acquiring Pro Tools has really opened a lot of opportunities for cool stuff in the Philmont world. I’ve been working on music and demos and what not – it is really awesome to be able to do something productive and musical when I’m not on the road. It’s one thing to sit in my room and write a guitar part; it’s a totally different world to be able to record entire arrangements on my computer based around that guitar part. Anyway, you get the point – I’m stoked.

On the flipside of that, there are several pieces of gear that I need to acquire in order to refine and add efficiency to my recording process. So I started making a list of things I need, in order of importance. Then, while I was at it, I realized that I actually need a new guitar flight case before I buy any recording stuff. So I put that on the list. Then I remembered that I’ve recently been figuring out the best way for me to upgrade my pedalboard for more space, and to purchase some high-end patch cables that would accompany said board….so…basically my list kept expanding, and now I have everything sorted in order of importance/urgency, with prices next to each thing. Added altogether, those prices are overwhelming!! Why does stuff have to cost so much dang money?! So now I’m figuring out how to save and possibly sell a few things in order to knock those first couple items off my list…

Shifting gears, my pal Todd Davis is getting married on Saturday – you might remember him as Philmont’s drummer from 2007-2010. I am honored to be a groomsman in the ceremony; it will be good times! Justin and Josh will be there with their significant others as well. Don’t tell Todd, but we are planning to break out some Philmont acapella tunes as Sara (the bride) walks down the aisle – we have choreography figured out and everything. No one knows but us, but I’m sure everyone will get a kick out of it…right? Anyway, Todd and Sara are great friends, and I’m glad they are tying the proverbial knot!

One of the best things about the shows last week, was that almost every venue/promoter provided us with a case or two of water. That may sound lame to you, but on the road, having drinking water around is a valuable resource. Not only is it a much healthier choice than soda (when we’re already eating cheap fast food), but it’s better for your singing voice, and provides “cleaner energy” for showtime. Being under-hydrated while on tour can get you sick real fast. Not to mention we have now entered the hottest time of the year, when our water will be most cherished! I feel like I’m trying to sell you all water or something…the point is, I’m really glad we are stocked up for this next month of shows, thanks to the great promoters this past week!

Well I will go ahead and call it a week here in the blogosphere. Hope you all are taking the hot weather in stride, and when you think about it, please pray for all the cities affected by the tornadoes recently, and for all who will be affected, as I hear more are coming soon. Joplin, as you know, has seen catastrophic levels of damage so far – we have played in Joplin in the past, at an awesome venue called the Foundry. Our hearts go out to everyone there. Have a good week.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Anytime” by Eve 6

2. “Tonite It Shows” by Mercury Rev

3. “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson



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  1. I fall off the web for awhile and Todd gets married.. That is awesome :o) I am glad he is doing well. I am sifting through all the blogs for the last five months…wish me luck :o)

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