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So this past week was pretty great for me. We played some shows up north and got to get away from this dumb southern heat. I even got to put my jackets on for a few more days, but That was probably the last time I’ll get to do that until fall.

We played our first show ever in the state of New York on Thursday in Jamestown. Which just happens to be Lucille Ball’s birthplace.. An interesting fact. Some of you know this, but a lot of you may not. The band was named “Philmont” after a small town in New York.. That we’ve never been to. But hopefully we’ll make it up there one day.

While we were in Jamestown, our boy Duncan had us over to his place for dinner before the show. Honestly some of the best food we’ve ever eaten on the road. His mom made fillet mignon, giant pieces of chicken, green beens, potatoes, and an entire dessert buffet in a separate room. Thanks guys! We already can’t wait to come back.

I got to spend a few hours with Lauren today, which almost never happens. Her and Margaret met their friend Maggie (who lives in Raleigh and goes to NC State) in Concord to spend the day together so I met them at the Concord Mills Mall to grab lunch and spend some time with them. It was fun. Lauren bought me a Reese’s and Cream gelato. I love that girl.

Also, I want to thank our friends Amy and Tracy from CA. They bought each of us a Guitar Center gift card! They’ve always been good to Philmont. Thanks girls!

That about covers this past week for me. I hope you all have a great and safe Memorial Day Weekend! Follow me on Twitter @joshguion (or just click on my face below) to keep up with me daily, between blogs.

See you next Tuesday!


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