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…and I feel fine.
Welpst people May 21, 2011 wasn’t the day for the rapture. I saw a funny tweet concerning the doomsday scare: “Rapture pranks- leave unwanted pairs of shoes, pants and a shirt in piles along the sidewalks on the 21st”.
I got a lot of chuckles out of reading Saturday’s Twitter feed but in all seriousness there were a lot of people who were deceived by Camping and his doomsday prediction. There are countless stories of his followers selling off everything they own and giving away all of their money. A man was selling memberships to a service where he would come pick up and take care of your unraptured pets. Not to mention people donated a total of 130 million dollars to help fun Campings dooms day campaigns. Remember those billboards? They were all over the world- not just the US.
Area churches are reaching out to some of his devastated followers and offering them counseling which is awesome. In a time where one guy manages to make the entire body of Christ look like a joke it’s nice to see real Christians reaching out in love.

We just crossed into NC on 77 which means we’re almost back to Charlotte. I gotta pick up my dog and drive 7 hours back to Nashville tomorrow (yippie).
We had a great few shows up here on the east coast. After a couple weeks off we’ll be hitting the road again for the bulk of June. I’ll post those shows on my blog next week. Until then check out under the bandage tab.
Follow me on twitter to keep up with me between blog posts and if you’re one of the 30 games I have going on on Words With Friends be patient!

See ya next week!

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  1. I so wanted to do the clothes thing – that would have been epic. However, I was told that was probably – *mean*. Riiiight.

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