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Hey franz

So ive been working a lot since I last talked to you. I got a couple new pedals for my pedalboard that im excited about. I got a delay pedal and big muff. If none of you know what im talking about just know they’re rad. I pulled out so much gear out of the trailer and piled it in my floor for about a week playing around with my amp sound and arrangement. I even took my or Scott’s rather, amp channel switcher and took it out of it bulky housing and made a new “pedal shell” out of a metal handi capped sign. Dont worry I didnt steal the sign to make my pedal. It took forever and kept cutting my hand. But it was well worth it.

So Burney just got back from the Mechanic, hopefully these much needed repair will last him awhile. We head out Wednesday to go up north. Unfortunately it dumped buckets of rain here so I had to wait till that was done before I could get it ready for the next trip. Burney gets disgusting inside real quick. Our poor welcome mat that sits inside as soon as you step in has had a trip through the wash and the whole inside has been vacuumed like no tomorrow.

Our single “Closer” is #7 on Christian Rock charts across the country SOOOOOO call and request it so we can get to number one!

Lastly, someone bless me and Elizabeth with this



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