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I hate when huge multi-million corporations allot millions of dollars towards ad campaigns and marketing but STILL can’t manage to come up with a decent, original idea! Point-in-case: Apple comes up with the ever-so-popular, “Hi, I’m a Mac…And I’m a PC” commercials. They’re great, memorable, funny commercials that promote Mac products while making the competition “Windows” look silly. Just because they retired that commercial style after a couple years does not mean we need to see T-mobile come along and rip them off in their commercials while trying to tell how their phone is better than the iPhone. If they were gunning for a spoof–fine–but do one commercial. Not 30!
This has always bugged me but the scar was recently brought back to the surface when I saw a commercial on Hulu for a non-profit ripping off the same idea. When I was in college I worked for campus life where we had to do entire marketing plans for campus organizations as well as promoting living in the dorms, activities, dinning halls- everything that involved campus life. More often than not the head of the organization would come in to pitch (what they called) their ideas. 9 times out of 10 their idea ended with the word “priceless”. You’re not Master Card! Come up with your own ideas!

Phew! Now that that’s over.
How’s everyone doing? I had a packed week that had me leaving TN to go to ATL for a few days to hang out with Britt’s family. It was nice and the weather behaved itself for a change! Saturday we got up early and drove to Charlotte for my nephew, Talan’s, 1st birthday party. It was…a kid party. Everything was sticky! It was nice to see my brother and some of our mutual friends. I got some flak from his neighbor Scott. He is Tim’s friend that came to Nashville to help us move into our apartment. He said that he read my blog after-the-fact and that I referred to him as “a random friend of my brother’s”. In my defense, I had no idea he’d read the blog! So, just in case he’s a regular reader I wanted to post a very honest, very belated thank you to the only man who could figure out how to set the little Swedish clock from IKEA–Scott…you da bomb dot com. I even went the extra mile to include your name in the title. I hope this helps but remember, time will heal all wounds. I just need those wounds to be healed by the time my lease is up in January!

The last couple of days have been spent hanging out with my family including my aunt and uncle who are in town.
The bulk of my day has been spent sitting by the pool throwing the ball for the dogs and combating my ever-so-present sock tan.
Here’s a picture….be blinded!

Wednesday we leave for a couple of shows (posted below).
I’m really looking forward to hitting the road with the guys again even if it is only for the weekend.
I’m also working very hard to finish booking June, July and August.
If you want us to swing by your church just email me your church name, youth pastor’s name and their email address and I’ll do everything in my power to make it happen!


Wed May 18th– Roanoke, VA
Parkway Wesleyan Church
3645 Orange Ave. NE

Thur May 19th–Jamestown, NY
The Gateway Center
31 Water St.
5:30 – $7adv/$10door

Friday May 20th–Meadville, PA
New Beginnings Church Of God
13226 Leslie Rd.
9pm – Free

Saturday May 21st–Erie, PA
The Summit Youth Center
8160 Oliver Rd
6pm – $7

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Until next week…



  1. That a Sheltie behind the other dog?

  2. Indeed, that is most annoying. I was just thinking the same thing, but about some weird car commercial. And I can’t stand Progressive commercials either.
    The other Scott sounds like a rad dude.
    Praying for you guys as y’all go on the road this week. Stay safe!

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