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Hey everyone,
Its been a while, eh? I apologize for the lack of post the last few weeks, but between moving, working on finalizing my wedding/honeymoon, driving, and playing, I haven’t had any room to breathe! I finally found wifi and a second today to sit down and fill ya’ll in on what’s new in Jrmz world. I’ve been out on the Tearing Down The Walls tour with Seventhdayslumber, Stellar Kart, and Kiros this month, driving bus and teching for SK, but also playing some shows while Jordan is home awaiting the arrival of his newborn daughter! Its been a fun 2 weeks so far, but I’m def starting to get drained. Being on the road and trying to finish everything for our wedding has been the hardest thing ever. Britt and I are getting through it but I must say I can’t wait till these next 2 months are over and I can have a second to breathe! haha. Def keep us in your prayers as this is a super stressful time for the both of us!

Other than being on the road, the only new thing thats really going on is that I’m now officially a Dream Cymbals Artist! I signed my contract last week and couldn’t be more excited! Its been a long time waiting for a cymbal deal and to get it with Dream was a HUGE blessing!

I wanted to use this blog to send a shout out to Dream Cymbals and some other companies that support me while out on the road, some of which you may have seen before and some new ones!

Avenue Drums
Dream Cymbals
Silverfox Drumsticks
Loveless Apparel

Hope ya’ll are having a killer week and I’ll talk to you soon!
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