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Well the past 24 hours have been awesome. Last night I met up with Sir Jonathan Stephens (of Eleventyseven fame) and his girlfriend Amber for the Third Eye Blind concert in Charlotte. We grabbed some delicious dinner at Cabo Fish Taco, then walked over to Neighborhood Theatre for the show. I saw 3EB here about a year and a half ago, and again the year before that in Norfolk, Virginia with Todd. Last night’s was probably my favorite of the three I’ve been to – the setlist was awesome, the energy was through the roof, the light show was sick, just good times all around.

Today, Heather took the day off work and we finally got to officially celebrate 6 years of tolerating each other! We started the day by watching the pilot episode of Twin Peaks [Twin Peaks was a murder-mystery/drama TV series for 2 seasons in the early 90s, whose influence has carried over into many modern shows like Lost and the X-Files. I’ve seen the series already, but am more than happy to start it all over!] and she liked it, so that was good. Next we went to lunch at Jake’s Good Eats, a tiny little country burger joint in Mint Hill, which was delicious.

We then planned on driving out the the Uwharrie Vineyards in Albemarle for a tour and a tasting, but on the way we spotted signs for Reed’s Gold Mine, a popular NC attraction that we had both visited as kids, and decided to make a stop there first. The Reed family made the first major gold discovery in the U.S., on their farm in 1799. Once they realized what they were living on, they built mines and stamping mills and the whole nine yards to harvest as much gold as possible. We got a sweet tour, which included a walk through the mine corridors 50 feet underground, and at the end you get to pan for gold – Heather and I each found a little nugget worth about $5!

With our newfound wealth in tow, we journeyed on to the vineyards, where they informed us that no tours were going on today…bummer. So we came back to good ol’ Indian Trail and had some cheap Chinese for dinner, and watched American Idol. On that subject…it is disappointing to watch three music industry veterans sit there and shower every contestant with endless praise and compliments every week, even if a contestant gives a mediocre vocal performance. All the judges are too nice, and no one gives actual singing critiques any more -any “criticism” is simply commentary on song choice or stage presence. The show was interesting when Simon Cowell was around to give a real and professional opinion; now it is just fluff. I’m looking forward to So You Think You Can Dance, where the judges will call out anybody who makes one wrong step!

Anyway, a great week it has been thus far! Hope yours has been equally grand! Next week we are playing in Virginia, New York, and Pennsylvania. Come see us! And today we found out that we are going to be at Ichthus Festival again this year, which we are super excited about! Peace out girl scout.

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Water Landing” by Third Eye Blind

2. “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson

3. “This Isn’t You” by New Found Glory




  1. What an awesome week. And wow, 6 years is a long time! That’s awesome. I wish y’all the best for the next years coming. 😉
    Third Eye Blind with Jonathan?! The epitome of radness! How long have y’all known each other?

  2. I saw him(Jonathan) tweeting about it on Twitter, but I didn’t know you were going too, that’s cool. I’m glad you had such a lovely fun day!

  3. So glad you’re gonna be back at Ichthus this year! 😀

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