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For the first time in a very long time I had a super busy non-Philmont weekend here in Nashville. It was awesome and I definitely feel like we made the most of it! On Saturday Britt, Mila and I went to Centennial Park down town where they were having a crafts fair. There were tons of tents set up full of arts and crafts as well as the usual we-fry-everything vendor trucks. While it wasn’t necessarily our cup of tea it was nice to get out, enjoy the sun and see something new. After my walk around I came to the conclusion that crafts fairs are the open mic nights of the art community. You see some people with some real talent there but they’re mixed in with the moms who dug their bedazzlers out of the attic and went to town on a sale-rack of sweaters. It’s truly a mixed bunch. After a walk-through of the crafts fair we ate lunch at one of many of Nashville’s gourmet food trucks, The Grilled Cheeserie—it was fantastic.
Sunday was Mother’s Day and even thought we don’t have a traditional baby, we do have a little fur baby named Mila. So the three of us decided to go out to a new park and take a hike together to celebrate. We walk a lot. We usually spend an hour or two at the park a few days a week so we thought, sure we can do the 4.5 mile intermediate trail–how hard could it be? 2.5 hours later we got back to the car exhausted! It was quite the work out but we had a lot of fun and definitely plan on going back soon.

My birthday was at the beginning on March. My parents got me an amazing gift- it’s a huge, wall-mounted, shinny white, resin moose head. Trouble was, it was on back-order until this week! I got it over the weekend and MAN was it worth the wait. It’s weird, I know, but I love it. I hung it over the bed on Friday night and named him Mortimer. Mila didn’t seem to mind the new addition until later in the evening when she tried to go to bed but decided she no longer trusted the looming animal. She growled at it for a while then laid on the bed but kept her eyes on that moose. Three days later it appears that they’ve reached some uneasy truce.

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week. I’ve got till Wednesday here in Nashville then it’s off to Atl for a few then on to Charlotte and up to PA for some upcoming shows. (posted below)


Wed May 18th– Roanoke, VA
Parkway Wesleyan Church
3645 Orange Ave. NE

Thur May 19th–Jamestown, NY
The Gateway Center
31 Water St.
5:30 – $7adv/$10door

Friday May 20th–Meadville, PA
New Beginnings Church Of God
13226 Leslie Rd.
9pm – Free

Saturday May 21st–Erie, PA
The Summit Youth Center
8160 Oliver Rd
6pm – $5

To book us at your church just email us!

See ya soon!



  1. Coool! Hopefully it doesn’t go crashing down on you in your sleep.

  2. Mortimer is pretty darn awesome, Scott. 🙂 I’m glad you’ve had a great week. Hope y’all are all feeling good since all the sickness that’s happened recently… hope to see y’all again soon.

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