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So two things happened this week. We started the Hard Pop Life Tour with EleventySeven and we finished the Hard Pop Life Tour with EleventySeven! It was a short tour with only four dates but the shows were a lot of fun and it’s always a good time with the three Eleventy boys.
We both wish the tour was longer but it’s really not very cost effective to tour with another band right now. You have to split what you would have made for the show in half and share it and with gas prices on the rise it’s getting harder and harder for bands like us to break even at the end of the trip. God took good care of both bands on this brief tour and we hope we can do another run together soon.

If you’re unfamiliar with EleventySeven check out their new EP titled “Quota” on iTunes. It’s some synthy, pop-punk goodness!

My favorite show on the tour would have to be Agape Fest in IL. It’s put on by Greenville College and it’s always a blast! The weather held out for the whole time we were there which is awesome. It was just insanely windy so we couldn’t use the new stage banners. Also, the wind was blowing right at the stage so every time I opened my mouth to sing it would instantly dry out. That night my throat felt like I had tried to take a drink out of a pressure washer! But, despite the gusts, the festival was amazing and it was a lot of fun hanging out with all of our friends and fans throughout the day.

The last show was in Nashville, TN. Since we left from NC for this run I have to go back to Charlotte with the boys today, pick up my dog and my car, then drive back to Nashville tomorrow—no bueno!

Well I’m gonna close my eyes and have myself a nap now. With any luck I’ll be in Charlotte when I open them again!

Shows in VA and PA in MAy. See details at the “bandpage” tab.
I’ll also post them on my blog next week.

Follow me on twitter to keep up with my daily ramblings- @ScottyMcTaube
and I’ll talk to you all next week.

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  1. The VA show isn’t popping up on BandPage… I’m praying it’s in the Hampton Roads area though!

  2. I really seriously wish I had been at the Hard Pop shows. Miss you guyses in Texas, come back soon!

  3. The info for the VA show is up on our iLike page now. Sorry it seems that our pages are not all updated…oops!!

  4. Thanks for putting it up! Unfortunately, the show is 5 hours away from me. đŸ˜¦

  5. You guys did AWESOME at Agapefest! Thanks!

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