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Well, it’s been a nice couple of days for me. Not so much for Sams. In case you didn’t know, Justin has a kidney stone and it is really doing a number on him [hence his lack of blog this week, on which we took a vote and decided to give him a free pass]. Pray that he is healed quickly and fully, and that he is able to travel with us for these shows we have this week! I don’t want to be the only guitarist!

Also, Scott apparently is having some allergy-related headaches. Pray that those will depart as well. Though I am suspicious, considering his headaches started today, and he picked up Jeremi from the Charlotte airport this morning…I could see how the two incidents might be related…anyway, he needs to get better too.

Scott and I were supposed to get together today to continue writing on some new jams that I have been building music for in Pro Tools. We are making pretty good progress on a couple of them. I am very excited, because we are starting to introduce some different time signatures and key changes into songs, which will make for a more unique product in the end in my opinion. [Also, when I say “key changes”, I’m not talking about a dramatic, cheesy modulation from G major to A major in the last chorus; these are more subtle key changes…]

As Josh discussed prior to me, we have a handful of fancy new things for you all at upcoming shows, including the new stage props and new t-shirts! Hopefully the response to them will be good!

So my brother Micah and I joined our church’s softball team for the spring; I told them I would participate whenever I could, considering my often-sporadic schedule. Anyway, we had our first game last night, and would you believe it, Micah and I hit back-to-back home runs in the bottom of the 5th inning, giving our team the lead we had lost, and starting a huge rally that eventually ended the game via the mercy rule. I played first base, while Micah played third [he had the defensive play of the game too, stretching to snag a hard grounder, then spinning and throwing to me just in time for the out at first].

It felt great to be out on the field again. I played baseball for 13 years, including varsity all four years of high school [where I led the team in hitting junior and senior year]. Baseball was pretty much my livelihood until music came around. At college, I thought about trying out for the team, but after considering how much time I would need to spend getting back in shape and practicing, and how much less time that would leave for me to work on music, I had to make the sensible choice. But I do miss it, which is why it is nice now to be able to play competitively without having to commit all my time. But I definitely surprised everyone, including myself, when I hit that bomb last night. It felt pretty good.

Well, this long is getting blog, so I stop I will guess for now. Something is not words about these right. What on going is? This computer has a own of its mind! I’ve got to get here of out! Week a great have! Ahh!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Tonight” by Ace Troubleshooter

2. “We Can Talk” by The Band

3. “Refugee” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers



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  1. Josiah,
    Wow, that’s awesome that you’ve started playing baseball again! I love playing that sport! I used to play, for a few years when I was about 6. I didn’t do nearly as good as you and your brother. 🙂 But I’m so glad you’re back in the “swing” of it (pun intended!).
    Yikes. Praying for Justin and Scott to be feeling better, and praying have travels safe y’all! (it has gotten to me as well)

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