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Hello again!

I’m writing this blog from my phone, I just wanted to test how well the app works to see if I could post from the road in the future.

I had yet another great weekend. I always get together with my mom’s side of the family every year on the Saturday before Easter to celebrate our Lord’s death and resurrection and that way we can go to church on Easter Sunday and maybe grab a bite afterwards and then spend the rest of the day with each other at home. Well this year was no exception and we had more people there than ever before. We played some creative games, hunted for the annual “money egg” using a sequence of clues, and ate way too much food. It was such a good time, as it is every year.

Sunday we all met my sister and brother-in-law at church in Charlotte (where I later found out that at all of the services combined, there was a total of over 19,000 people in attendance and over 2,200 of those people gave their lives to Christ) then went to eat at IHOP afterwards and ate too many pancakes. Then we drove back to the house and David and I just hung out until he had to head back up to App.

These past couple of days, Scott, Brittany, and I have gotten to spend a lot of time together. If you haven’t seen the post, Scott and I have been working on building PVC frames for our brand new stage banners!

I think they turned out great. We ended up putting way more work into them then we thought we were going to, but it was worth it. We’ll get to try them out for the first time in just a couple of days! Also, to all of you coming out to a Philmont show soon, we have 2 new t-shirts and a Philmont skateboard deck for sale at the merchant table! Justin even repainted the boxes we put on stage with us so they’d match our new banner. So you need to come check us out soon and get a taste of all this new stuff! Until then, I hope everyone had a great week and I’ll see you next Tuesday! Click my face and follow me on twitter!




  1. Great work, Josh, those posters turned out awesome! Would you ever consider selling one… just for future thought. 🙂
    I’m glad that you had a rockin’ Easter, so did I. I wanna see you guys again, come back to Texas soon!

  2. omg idk if its true or not but somebody (i think its justins) kidney stone is failing!!! we r praying for u!!!!!!!
    -charlotte church

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