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Happy Easter everyone.
First and foremost today is to celebrate the day that Jesus conquered death and rose to be seated at the right hand of the Father- crucial to our salvation. Take some time to reflect on the impact of the events that took place a couple thousand years ago. We truly have something to be thankful for!

In addition to the above-mentioned greatness, Easter also brings about time with family to live out traditions and enjoy some togetherness.
This year, for me, togetherness means spending the morning in Atlanta with Britt’s family then driving to Charlotte to spend the evening with my family.
I thought it would be fun to share an Easter memory with you guys on my blog today. I grew up in Charlotte with my brother, Tim, who is only a year older than me. My parents were always about keeping things equal between us so that we wouldn’t fight. Easter was no exception. My parents (I mean the Easter Bunny) would hide 2 different color eggs in the yard- one color was mine and one was Tim’s. That way we’d always have the same amount of candy after the search had concluded. The thing is, the search never seemed to conclude. There was always 1 or 2 eggs that were hidden too well to find (even by the very people who hid them!) We’d all search for that missing egg or two then eventually give up. Then, a couple weeks later, my dad would be trimming the hedges or we would be digging in the sand box and, sure enough, we’d find that allusive egg. And we’d promptly begin to fight over who got to keep the melted candy! I mean sure it was his egg to find 2 WEEKS AGO but after 24 hours there’s an assumed finders-keepers rule that comes into play!
Now that we’re grown (sort of) my mom says she’s hiding a bunch of eggs with dollar bills in them and setting us loose in the yard. Except this time there’s no color-coordination. It’s every hunter for himself. Bring it on Tim! I’m spending my drive to Charlotte doing word searches and spot-the-difference-in-the-two-pictures puzzles. These eyes will be so sharp I’ll be able to out hunt him from the neighbor’s yard!

Happy Easter friends!

Here are the Upcoming Shows:

4/28 – Middletown, OH
The Venue @ Kidd Coffee
Hard Pop Life Tour with Eleventyseven
6589 Terhune Drive

4/29- Franklin, IN
The Gear
Hard Pop Life Tour with Eleventyseven
41 W. Monroe St.
7:30 pm

4/30- Greenville, IL
Agape Fest

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  1. I’ve been listening to Don Francisco’s ‘He’s Alive’ and Newsong’s ‘Arise, My Love’ all morning.

    That’s great! My sister, Danielle, and I are just days away from being two years apart. My parents never thought to do egg hunts by color… The only egg we fought over was the ‘prize egg’, which generally had a 20 dollar bill inside. 🙂 I miss doing egg hunts. Now we just play ‘hot and cold’ with my 5 year old sister who is the only one who gets to hunt eggs.

  2. Haha now that you all are grown men…. sort of.

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