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I played racquetball a lot when I was in college. Our old drummer, Todd, and I would meet up 2-3 times a week to racquet it up. Since then I hadn’t played in almost four years, until yesterday. I met up with my girlfriend at the gym she goes to, where they have a court, and I taught her the ropes. It took me a minute to get back into the swing of it, but it was a blast, and now I want to go with her to the gym all the time (her membership allows her to bring a “buddy” whenever she comes)! That was one awesome thing about college: free access to a full-out gym whenever you wanted! Of course, it was on the complete opposite side of campus from my dorm, so getting there was a workout in itself, especially after sitting on a couch watching Scrubs DVDs for five hours (a frequent habit of mine at that time).

Here’s a funny college story while we’re at it. For my freshman year, I bought a parking pass to park my car in the State Farm lot: this huge parking area roughly 2 miles away from campus, where all the freshmen parked. So when I moved up the week before classes started, I parked my car there and took the campus shuttle back to the dorm. On the morning of my first class of college, I get a call at 8 AM (my first class is at 9), and it’s someone from the Parking & Traffic Department telling me that my car is parked in the faculty zone of the State Farm parking lot, and that if it wasn’t moved in the next half hour, it would be towed! With no shuttle heading that way in the next half hour, I only had one choice: to run. And run I did. Two miles across Boone, NC (in the mountains of North Carolina, where all the roads are hilly) I trekked, with a great sense of urgency. For some reason, however, I failed to think that I should change out of the enormous cargo pants and loafers that I was wearing and into something more, you know, suitable for running long distances?! So here I was, a freshman n00b, running across town in my cargo pants and loafers, looking like a fool (I am a terrible runner). I finally rounded the last corner to see the parking lot, and suddenly a jolt of fear ran through me. Where are my keys?……..Whew, they’re in my pocket. So I got there just in time, pulled my car out of the completely undesignated “faculty zone”, and moved it 10 feet away into the student section of the lot. Case closed! Except I still had to run all the way back to campus, and show up late to my first class sweaty and breathless. It wasn’t the funnest of days (hmm, I really expected the spelling tool on here to not accept the word “funnest” just now, but it did!), but it was an experience I suppose. There’s no moral to the story. It’s just a story.

Scott and I are getting together for a couple days next week to write, then we are heading out for a handful of shows with Eleventyseven, including our stop at the wonderful Agape Fest in Greeneville, Illinois. This is our 2nd year playing Agape, and if it’s anything like it was last year, it is going to be a killer time! We are booking plenty of dates for the summer, keep checking our schedule at !

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “You Were On My Mind” by We Five

2. “World Waits” by Jeremy Enigk

3. “Shh” by Frou Frou




  1. Racquetball is a game I don’t hear discussed very much, I think that’s awesome that you play! Hahahaha, “buddy”… that is hilarious. 🙂
    Say, a similar thing happened to me and Sara at a concert! Only we were too late, and our car DID get towed at 12:00 in the morning! We got home at… 1:30? Or 2:00. It was awful. But I’m glad your’s was saved, good story!
    I wish I were seeing you guys at Agape Fest, especially with the Eleventy guys. I’ll miss being there, but have a great time! Praying for safe travels…

  2. PS: Was the blog title based off of “College Kids” lyrics by Relient K?

  3. ^ Clever you are!

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