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Hi friends!

It’s been a quick week it seems. I’ve been working so much that I guess the week flew by. There was a pretty intense storm the other day, a tornado touched down about 8 miles from where I live but only in a field, luckily no one was hurt. I was actually shocked, literally shocked when a loud crack of lightning went off. I was here on my laptop typing and my room and tv lit up and me and my stupidity leaving my laptop plugged in and charging, I got zapped by touching my computer! Thankfully it didn’t fry my computer. I might have some sort of super power, I just don’t know yet.

In about a week Philmont is hitting the road for a string of shows. We’ve been home working on song ideas and pumping out new jams. Im excited on the maturity and growth these songs are showing and the direction they are heading. I think all you folks will enjoy very much so.

Our single “Closer” is climbing on the Christian Rock charts, so if you have a station around you, call in and request it! We would love you forever.

lastly, my parents have had this live streaming up on the computer in the living room of a mother Eagle and the 3 eaglets that she hatched. Its been going on for almost 3 weeks or so. Theres a nest somewhere in Iowa with a live streaming camera right beside the nest and you can watch they’re little lives unfold, Its true reality Tv. Poor birds all they do is sit there and the mom or dad eagle fly up with their fresh catch whether that be fish or rodents and feed them. They must be very bored. Check it out for yourself





  1. Hahahahah, goodness, I’ve never been zapped by anything during a storm… that’s pretty darn intense. I’m glad to hear it didn’t fry your laptop, Justin. :)Also glad that tornado didn’t injure anyone. We almost had one last week too.
    Can’t wait to see you guys on the road again!

  2. I was in Charleston at the time the tornadoes were going crazy. We were under a watch all day Saturday, but didn’t get hit by any bit of the storm. However, we drove back by a ton of damage in NC.

    The Botanical Gardens here in VA have eaglets. Everyone goes crazy watching the eggs hatch. I’m going there tomorrow to see them in person. 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh! Are you okay????

  4. YEAH…. I WISH I HAD A SUPER POWER!!!!! I WOULD ZAP PPL….. AND THINGS…… MWAHAHAHA jk but it would be cool to have super powers…..

  5. Yeah, i am guessing you’re okay though because i was at your concert at The Gear yesterday! It was so much fun! The most fun i’ve EVER had!!! 🙂

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