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Happy Palm Sunday everyone!
Today had the potential to be a rare treat because Brittany and I were home on a Sunday and actually got to go to church! It’s been about a month since that’s happened. Since we moved to Nashville we’ve tried out a couple of churches trying to find our new home. The last two times we’ve tried a new church they were having a Sunday that was “out of the norm”. This is a bummer because it’s hard to gauge what a typical sermon and praise and worship would be like there. Today was our third attempt at this particular church and I thought since it was Palm Sunday, it’s safe to assume we’d actually hear a sermon….I assumed wrong! They were wrapping up their funding drive thingy so–again–no “normal” service! I was really disappointed since it’s not often that we’re able to go to church. I think we’re gonna call it 3-strikes-and-you’re-out and try a different church on our next free Sunday.

I hope your Sunday was better!

The weather here in Nashville is awesome today! Yesterday it was cold and the day before it was storming. It’s nice to get back to the sunshine. We enjoyed the day walking around a local park for a couple of hours with Mila.

Britt and I have discovered a new show called “Best Restaurant” on the BBC that we’ve been watching via “On Demand”. Every night this week we’ve sat down for dinner and eaten while watching a show about food. I wonder if that’s more calories? Maybe we should be watching a Bowflex infomercial instead.

Don’t worry- I’m not spending all of my time off the road eating and watching TV! I’ve got a couple of writing sessions coming up this week and I had one last week too. I’m working hard at rebuilding the arsenal of Philmont songs. Maybe you’ll be hearing some new ones live before too long!

If you’re looking to put some new Philmont in between your ears you can get a free download of the acoustic version of our song “Closer” by tweeting or posting to facebook! Just follow this link:

We’ve got some shows coming up at the end of the month! Can’t wait to get back on the road. We’re always booking new shows! If you want us at your church have your youth pastor contact us:

See ya next week.

Here are the Upcoming Shows:

4/28 – Middletown, OH
The Venue @ Kidd Coffee
Hard Pop Life Tour with Eleventyseven
6589 Terhune Drive

4/29- Franklin, IN
The Gear
Hard Pop Life Tour with Eleventyseven
41 W. Monroe St.
7:30 pm

4/30- Greenville, IL
Agape Fest



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  1. haha it must suck not being able to go to chruch! 😥 gosh i would die if i didnt get to go to churcc. with all the crap tht goes on in school, i NEED my spiritual friends and god to help me through it. not tht i couldnt do by studying it out myself….

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