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I have been waking up earlier recently. Usually, I set my alarm for 10am, and wake up not wanting to be awake. But in the past week and a half or so, I’ve been waking up on my own between 9 and 9:30, fully energized, and ready to take on the day! I know 9am might not sound that impressive to most of you, but it’s a pretty big step for me!

The weather is getting awesome, this whole week is in the low/mid-70s, but the other day it was somewhere in the mid-80s, and I experienced the first of many days this year when I will be very uncomfortable in my A/C-less car when I drive about town. Last summer I discovered that I can bring along a cup of ice with me when I go out, and by sucking on an ice cube the whole time I’m driving, it keeps me a lot cooler and reduces the sweat. So there’s that.

I’ve mostly been playing a lot of guitar this past week. Finally got all the Pro Tools plug-ins set up so I can record new Philmont demos! Today I have a clear schedule so I will be dedicating all day to said demos. I’ve also been teaching guitar lessons (check us out at, and last week I did some session work for a producer here in Charlotte. Playing guitar for money is the bee’s knees, and I am super grateful that God has blessed me with so many opportunities to use my gift in an income-generating situation. I hope I will always be able to do what I love as my career.

This week I’ve also been enjoying new music by Thursday, and old music by Brian Wilson. Thursday’s new album, No Devolucion, is a big stretch musically compared to their emo/screamo heyday. They are now experimenting in ambient, keys-driven sounds with soft, delicate vocals buried in the mix. The music definitely has the potential to stand on its own in 20 years, whereas their former sound (which made them popular) even now sounds dated and a little over-the-top. Most “emo” music from 5-8 years ago actually sounds pretty lame nowadays. I still enjoy some albums from that era, for nostalgia’s sake, but a lot of it was just a scene thing. Oh well, there will always be scenes. The post-emo scene (I just made that phrase up) seems to be the super-poppy bands who wear neon and write sappy songs to four power chords. I realize that Philmont writes music that is often on the poppy side, but come on; most of those pop bands that you would find on Warped Tour this year are very limited in their writing abilities – pretty much re-hashing the same basic song a dozen times then calling it an album. But then again, they’re on Warped and we’re not…so who am I to call them out!? I’m just thinking out loud here…

Well that’s enough I suppose. Sorry to bounce around topics so much this week – it happens. Check out some of these songs to re-gain your focus, and don’t forget to have a wonderful week!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “I Can Hear Music” by The Beach Boys

2. “No Answers” by Thursday

3. “You Wanted It” by Emery




  1. My favorite song by Brian Wilson is “South American” or “America”, whichever it is. Love the Beach Boys (God only knows what I’d be without youuuu). Great musical taste, Josiah! Tell us more about Pro-Tools!

  2. South American is a great song! Just re-bought that CD the other day actually. I lost my original copy. Check out his “That Lucky Old Sun” album…best record I’ve ever heard from a 64-year old, by far.


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