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Hi everyone! Hope ya’ll are well. I apologize for not posted last week. I was out bus driving so my sleep schedule was weird and I had a lot to do! Since my last blog, not a ton has happened really. I’ve just been chillin at home during our time off! I actually went turkey hunting this week. didn’t see anything, but still got to shoot my gun for a while at some junk we found in the woods. It was a great time. Something about being out in the woods chillin makes me so happy! Reminds me of when I was a kid!

So, Britt and I are heading back home next weekend for Easter and Britt’s bridal shower! While Britt is having her little party, I’ll be shooting guns and getting some new tattoos. How rock n’ roll is that!? hahah It’ll be super cool to see the family and hang with everyone for a few days! Can’t wait! I’ll also be able to attend this passover dinner my church does every year. We go and have a silent meal and eat a lot of the foods that were eaten back in jesus time like Lamb, Olives….and a bunch of other crazy stuff haha. Its a great way to celebrate the real meaning of easter though and its gonna be a huge blessing to be a part of that service for the night!

So, I’ll be out on the Tearing Down the Walls tour w/ SeventhDaySlumber, Stellar Kart, and Kiros most of next month! I’ll be driving for SK during that time, but if ya’ll are coming to any of those shows you might see me wandering around the venue afterwards! Come say hi if you see me! I’ll also be filling in for Jordan later that month as he takes some time off for his baby to be born! I’m so excited for him and I’m so pumped to play for SK for a few shows. It’ll be a blast i’m sure!

Well, I’m heading to bed. I’m driving the boys to Eureka, MO tonight. Maybe I’ll see some Philmonsters there!

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