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Ivan Pavlov was a famous Russian physiologist from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. He contributed on many different studies but is most famous for his findings on what he called “conditioned reflex”. Bored yet? He had an experiment where he would ring a bell before feeding his K-9 test subjects. He discovered that overtime the dogs would salivate at the sound of the bell even when there was no food in site because they had been conditioned to associate the sound of the bell with the food.
So why hash out this 7th grade science lesson here on the blog? Well, I’ve discovered that I, much like Pavlov’s famous dogs, have my own bell. It consists of two, clear “dings”- I’m told the note is a ‘C’- and when I hear this bell I start salivating (figuratively that is). I’m referring to the sound my cell phone makes when I get an email or a text message. It doesn’t matter where I am, who I’m with or what I am doing, this tone pulls my mind out of whatever I’m focused on and it starts to wonder, “Who’s contacting me, what do they need, this probably requires my immediate attention!” It’s a habit that has gotten so bad that I have to silence my phone at night! If I were dreaming and the “ding, ding” hits my ear then my sweet dreams are bound to take a turn towards emails, work, booking, contracts, merch orders, etc.

I’ve found the main problem is that I have a hard time separating my life into the times that I should be working from the times I should be focusing on friends and family or the times I should be relaxing. The result- a very distracted, disconnected Scott who’s text tone always steals his mind away from the moment and pulls it back into work-mode.

It’s something I’m trying to get better at. I’ve found I have to structure my days and set strict limits on when I can work and when I have to ignore that “ding” until the following morning.

I’m sharing this with you because I’m sure that most everyone has some sort of “ding” in their life– something that can consciously or subconsciously pull them out of the moment where they belong. Maybe for you, like me, it’s your cell phone, emails or text messages. Maybe it’s your Xbox or your computer. Maybe it’s a certain friend that can, in an instant, pull you from feeling good, flood you with negativity and drag down to where they’re at?

It’s important for us to recognize these “dings”. What are they pulling you away from? Happiness? Family? Friends? God? Where are they taking you? How is it affecting your life? And most important of all…how do we silence these “dings”.

Just some (ding) food for thought.

Here are the Upcoming Shows:

4/28 – Middletown, OH
The Venue @ Kidd Coffee
Hard Pop Life Tour with Eleventyseven
6589 Terhune Drive

4/29- Franklin, IN
The Gear
Hard Pop Life Tour with Eleventyseven
41 W. Monroe St.
7:30 pm

4/30- Greenville, IL

Agape Fest



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  1. haha i have the same problem. my cell phone is my ding, except my phone is usually on vibrste. haha but it really does pull me away. i got unlimited txting last month and ever since then, my grades have gone DOWN. my dad’s reconsidering my privlages!!!! haha i hope he doesnt take it away tho, its the only way i communicate really….. haha 🙂

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