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Hey guys, my blog’s going to be pretty short this week.

Before I joined Philmont, I lived in Wilkesboro, NC for a little while with my friend Charlie. I worked at a nursing home up there called “Wilkes Senior Village.” I worked there for almost a year before moving back to Charlotte, and I made a lot of friends here. I became very close with the residents of the home as well as a lot of the staff. After I moved back home, I started working with the company that I work for now, that I mentioned in another blog. Well I got a call last week from my boss about a potential new client for me. It was for a man at a facility near the Appalachian Mountains. It turns out that this new client is staying at the very same nursing home that I used to work for. Not only that, but he’s staying on the same hall that I worked on! Yesterday was my first day with him, so I got to come in and see a lot of my friends that I hadn’t seen in almost 2 years. Most of the residents were different, and almost none of the staff was the same, but I still had a lot of people that I knew to catch up with. I’ll be here all this week. I’m staying at a hotel near the facility and working 12 hours every day from yesterday until Thursday, 8am-8pm. (that’s why this blog is short. I’m exhausted.) I hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll see you all next Tuesday! I have a skype date with Lauren, then I’m heading to bed early. Goodnight!



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