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I did a whole lot of driving this week and frankly, I’m exhausted! Thursday Britt, Jeremi and I packed into our car and drove the long 7.5 hour trip from Nashville to Charlotte. We spent the evening with my parents and visited with my grandparents who were in town. The next morning we met up with the boys and the bus and drove up to WV for a show that night. The show was a lot of fun and there was a nice crowd. It was in a high school. When we got there to load in school had just let out and I had to walk down a bunch of different hallways to find the bathroom. It was weird being back in a crowded high school hallway! I felt like I should have been wearing a backpack and rushing off to catch the bus home.

The morning after the show we had to drive back to Charlotte for the evening and then this morning we woke up and started the trek back to Nashville (via Atlanta to pick up Britt’s sister who’s visiting with us for the week). I’m very glad to be out of the car! I would rather drive across the country in the bus than drive 5 hours in the car!

This weekend we’ll be going back to Atlanta (yey more driving!) to drop off Britt’s sister and spend some time with Britt’s family. Her sister needs to get one of her tattoos touched up so I’m gonna go with her and maybe get some ink (we’ll see how I’m feeling). If you want to see whatever I get you’ll have to keep up with me on twitter: @ScottyMcTaube

I’m not gonna post any shows on here since we don’t have any until the end of the month.

See ya next week.


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