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Hey Ya’ll,
Back in Charlotte for the weekend. We have a show in Hamlin, WV tomorrow so we are meeting the guys here to head up for that show then going back to Nashville. Stoked to play a show tomorrow for sure. Any chance I get to play drums is great! How’s everybody’s week been? Mine has been quite slow but relaxing. We had the week off after our 2 shows last weekend. Thanks to everybody in Springfield IL and Moberly MO who came and chilled with us! They were 2 killer shows!

Anyways, got some exciting stuff coming up in the future! Monday I’ll be recording drums on a certain someone’s new radio single (can’t tell you who right now) but its going to be killer! I’ll be working with my good friend Nick again so it’s going to be a killer time! I’ll be sure to post some photos from the studio next week! I also have something killer going on in May BUT can’t tell you about that either till it gets closer. I’m pumped about it though!

Well, I don’t have much to report this week but promise to have more next week!
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