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I had some good blog ideas today, but then I forgot them.

Well, here is an announcement to keep you occupied while I think of what to write about: I am now teaching music lessons for the Charlotte area. I was brought on at Danby Music Lessons – check us out at – by my friend Paul, who I have led worship with many times over the years. There are several instructors on staff at Danby, and I offer lessons in guitar, songwriting, and beginner/intermediate piano. SO for any of you who are in the Charlotte/Metro area – feel free to call up and get some lessons going! Our rates are seriously amazing, and we have locations in Pineville and Monroe. Check out the site!

Okay here is something I was thinking about today. As Christians, I think a lot of us have this anxious yearning to one day see the face of Christ, whether it is when we die, or when He returns [John has the first documented sighting of post-ascension Christ in Revelation 1]. I’m sure that when you picture seeing Jesus for the first time, you bring to mind the stereotypical Western depiction of Jesus’ face, which as many of you know, is a far cry from what Jesus actually looked like (in all probability). Most of you probably read/hear the accounts of Jesus’ ministry from the New Testament, and you picture the scenes in your head as you read. You probably have a mental concoction of what Jesus, Peter, Paul, Matthew, etc… all looked like, and your imagination uses these illustrations when you picture an event from Jesus’ life. But in reality, if you were to go back in time to the year 30 A.D. (or sometime nearby), and walk up on Jesus and the twelve disciples as they were sitting down for a meal, you would have no idea which one was Christ. I’m sure if you watched them for a minute or so it would become obvious, as the disciples were just that – His devoted followers. Their interactions would immediately lead you to conclude which person was the Teacher, the Master. Then you would say “wow, He looks nothing like I have ever pictured Him.” Then the disciples would say “Where did you get such colorful clothes??” and Jesus would say “He/she is from the future, nearly two millenia.” But they would all be speaking Hebrew, so you would just smile and nod.

Anyway, it was just something I was thinking about today. I have an image of Jesus in my head, but I realize that it is probably not accurate at all. But I eagerly await the day I see Him for real.

As I was writing all this, I googled “face of Christ” and found this pretty amazing article that you should definitely go read right quick. Let me know what you think about it!

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Our good Canadian buddies in Kiros are playing a few shows in NC this coming week. I’m hoping they take me up on my offer to show them around Charlotte on one of their off days. They probably won’t though, because they are jerks. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful week, and don’t get April-fooled!!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Sink to the Beat” by Cursive

2. “I Can Hear Music” by She & Him <–[Beach Boys cover FTW]

3. "Palm Reader" by Third Eye Blind




  1. Don’t take those Kiros guys out on April Fool’s day! If i remember correctly… they’re kinda crazy!!
    ~miss kimmy

  2. I saw that documentary on tv. I have to say it was really, really interesting, but I kind of love those kind of shows. If the History Channel throws on any sort of ancient civilization, DNA-testing, or deciphering shows, I’m definitely glued to the tv.

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