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Hello again!

We had a great couple of shows this weekend! We made a lot of new friends and saw some old ones. Thanks to everyone who put on the shows in IL and MO for us, and to everyone who came and rocked out with us. You guys were great.

Jo, Justin, and I got back to Charlotte late Monday night, and Tuesday morning I got up and drove down to Charleston, SC to visit Lauren for a few days. Last night Emery played their CD release show just a few blocks away at a place called The Music Farm, so naturally we walked over there and had a great time. Everyone got a free copy of “We Do What We Want” when you pay to get into the concert. So I’m listening to that as I’m writing this and I love it so far.

I don’t know if any of you guys were As Cities Burn fans, but I was/am. And Cody, their guitarist/ front man, started a new project called Hawkboy with just one other member on drums. They had bass tracked and some loops playing behind everything. Their songs were great and it was a surprisingly entertaining set for there only being two members on stage. I’m not sure if they have any songs recorded yet, but I recommend checking them out. After Hawkboy, To Speak Of Wolves went on and they were pretty intense. I’m a big fan of a breakdown for those of you that may not know, so I loved their set. And my good buddy, Will McCutcheon, plays bass for them. We used to play in a band together before I was in Philmont. It was great to see him again and talk for a few minutes. To Speak Of Wolves just put out an album on Solid State Records, go check it out.

Emery’s set was awesome. They had Andy Nichols from Queens Club fill in on bass for Devin Shelton (who is on indefinite hiatus). He played the part well. They opened with some older tunes and then played several off of their new record. And at one point they brought out a few chairs and acoustic guitars and played a couple of slow jams. They closed with their song, “Walls” and then played “Studying Politics” for their encore for those Emery fans out there. Which I know all of you are. Except for Maggie Balltrip, who hates Rock n’ Roll.

Listening to the last track on the album now called “Fix Me” and it’s amazing.
“Fix me. Jesus Fix me. I’ve been waiting so long to feel this heart beat. Will we ever really believe? We’re just caught in the thought that we deserve to be free. Fix me. Father fix me” There’s a taste. Go buy the album.

Also, while I’m bossing you around, go visit and check out our music video for “Closer” Thanks 🙂

I hope everyone had a great week last week, and I hope that this week is even better. I’ll see you all next Tuesday!


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  1. You’re one sneaky kiddo, Josh. 🙂
    I like Emery, I’ve been listening to their stuff recently! Thanks for inspiring me again to listen. 🙂 I shall listen to fix me and watch the video again.
    Please come to Tejas again soon, ’cause we miss you guys.

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