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Top ‘o the marnin to ya! Well I suppose it’s more like afternoon now. I’m currently sitting shotgun with JRMZ at the wheel and a pup sleeping on my lap.

This weekend we had shows in IL and MO. We saw a lot of familiar faces at the shows which was awesome! Thanks so much for coming out! Last night show was to benefit Invisible Children. The rep there for IC gave me a DVD that the organization put out a couple of years ago. As soon as I’m done writing this I’m gonna pop it into my computer!

The shows were a lot of fun and I was super grateful that the weather behaved! No snow is good snow!

Don’t you hate when you’re riding in the car and the sun is beating down on you and only you? Then you turn on the air and everyone else complains about being cold. Got one of those situations going on right now!

Last night we stayed with some of my family in Saint Louis. Always awesome! I love having family and friends sprinkled about the country.

Okay- working hard at booking up our summer. If your Youth Pastor is planning a Grad celebration, end of school event, back to school event OR a camp/retreat and needs a band hit us up!

I wanna challenge our faithful blog readers this week. Dig back through past blogs, find one that you really enjoyed or one that really spoke to you and post a link to it on your Twitter/Facebook to send your friends there. Maybe they could benefit from some of the stuff written here!

Have a great week!

Next Philmont Show:

April 1:
Lincoln County High School
81 Lincoln Panther Way Hamlin, WV 25523

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