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So this art professor in New York – Wafaa Bilal – decided in December to get a magnetic USB camera surgically mounted into the back of his head. For one year, the camera will take a photo once a minute, instantly transmitting each photo taken to a website where all the photos taken thus far can be viewed. Bilal calls it “anti-photography” and has several reasons for his choice to pursue this project. For one thing, he believes that in the future, we will see a continued increase in how our bodies are melded with technology and gadgets, and that this is only a small indication of what is to come. As for the photographs (which are usually pretty dull, or pitch black [when he is sleeping]), Bilal’s artistic agenda is to showcase the moments in life that are not emphasized – the pieces of our memory that are left behind every day – the little things that do indeed occur, but that we might not notice. It is something of a social commentary, really; how we busy ourselves and live our lives at such high speeds, surrounded by so many things, but at the end of the day did we really take notice of the small but significant pictures that make up each day of our life? Check out Bilal’s website here –

In other news, I watched American Idol tonight – funny title isn’t it? In America, our “idol” is, some would say, entertainment. Well, I guess our idol is money, really. But that’s what entertainment is all about, right? Ads, sponsors, companies. Anyway, there were a lot of very good singers on the program tonight.

We Charlotte-based Philmonts are heading to Nashville tomorrow to meet up with the other Philmonts and begin a nice little weekend run comprised of shows in Springfield, Illinois and Moberly, Missouri. I am looking forward to spending time with my new Pro Tools setup, learning the ins and outs, and throwin’ down killer tracks! We did write some really cool stuff on Friday before our afternoon of calamity ensued. We’re trying to challenge ourselves musically, and it’s turning out good. This blog is short for me! Have a wonderful week, and don’t let them catch you!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Goodbye Yellowbrick Road” by Elton John

2. “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” by Nine Days

3. “Apollo I: The Writing Writer” by Coheed & Cambria




  1. That’s..Um… Interesting. I like my camera in my hands too much to have it implanted in my head. So weird.

    I like American Idol, but there are only a few good people this year. The judges keep raving about people who sing songs totally off key and it drives me insane. o.O

    Ooh! Elton John! My dad saw him live last week. I wanted to go so badly!

  2. Wow… that is seriously insane! I want to do that.
    True that about American Idol! My friend, Tim Halperin, got kicked off this past month. That was crazy, but ah well.
    Hope y’all have a good time at the shows, and rock hard with Pro Tools! 🙂 It’s a crazy awesome invention. 🙂

  3. Wow. You should talk to Mr. Staley. He’s preparing to defend his doctoral thesis on “transhumanism,” which is a very dangerous trend. Too many people trying to be God by manipulating His creation. Dangerous indeed!

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