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Sorry I missed you guys this weekend.
It was a crazy time and I’ll do my best not to let it happen this week.

We played a show in Concord (outside of Charlotte), NC this weekend. It was great to get back to Charlotte and see my family and spend a couple of days soaking up some NC sun. The day of the show, Friday (DON’T!), was a hectic one. I woke up with a stomach bug but seemed to be okay as me and the boys worked on some new material in a room at the church I grew up in. After we were done we packed up the trailer we climbed into the bus to head to Concord a mere 40 minutes away and it wouldn’t start. I wound up calling some members of the church who called other members of the church until we had some amazing volunteers to drive our stuff to the show and back in the church van. They really saved our butts! So if anyone at Christ Lutheran is reading this— thanks a billion!

By the time we got to the show I was all but green. While everyone else loaded in and set up I laid down in an effort to feel better before the show started. I still felt terrible when we took the stage– luckily I got through it without puking on anyone! After the show I caught a ride with my parents, went home and went to bed. I woke up feeling much better.

One thing I took away from being sick is that I’m sick too often. I’ve been sick a ton this year. While I’m not entirely sure what’s been keeping me feeling so bad I’m going to start by changing some diet habits. More specifically, my Diet Coke habit (gasps from my band-mates). For those of you who don’t know me, I drink way to much of this stuff and it can’t be good for me so I’m going to be drinking a lot of water instead. Pray for me…This is a big step!

I would like to conclude my blog by saying that I’m tried of hearing about how terrible Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song is. Yes, it’s bad. Yes, the video is bad—but the chick’s in 8th grade! I didn’t start writing music until about the 11th grade and anything I wrote in those first few years was far worse than what she’s been pumping out. I can’t imagine if I had the capabilities back then to make a video and put it on YouTube (which didn’t exist yet) the kind of hateful comments I would have gotten. I’ve seen in articles that she’s upset about the whole thing and that she’s been getting death threats. Granted, it’s just stupid kids using the veil of the internet to be as hateful as they want without worrying about the consequences, but 13 is a very impressionable age. Many of you can imagine catching hateful comments from a group of kids when you were in middle school. Now imagine that there’s hundreds of thousands of kids doing the same thing. I can imagine it’s a lot to take on. Sorry to be a captain kill-joy concerning this whole phenomenon but what if this young girl takes her life– like so many kids to at her age– due to these comments. How would you feel about it then? Just food for thought.

So as not to leave you on a downer note, let me share this with you. At church on Sunday there was a kid sitting next to me, Britt and Jeremi who was being very vocal during the prayer saying, “He’s taking too long!” and repeating the phrase “I hate church”. I want to apologize to his parents as I’m sure our giggles just served as encouragement to the young lad.
See ya next week!

Sat March 26
Springfield, IL
Eastview Baptist Church
2277 East Black Ave
$5 5:30pm

Sun March 27
Moberly, MO
Timberlake Christian Church
1624 Gratz Brown
$5-7 5:30pm

Fri April 1st
Hamlin, WV
Lincoln County High School
81 Lincoln Panther Way
$TBA 6:00pm




  1. Scott, I recently discovered that I had an ulcer. I had been drinking a lot of diet coke. I would then try to eat yogurt to calm it down, but it made it worse! (yogurt is very acidic I found out) Anyway, I guess what im trying to say is that laying off the diet coke may be a great idea to try- (you might have an ulcer), limit your coffee too and don’t eat yogurt if your stomach feels bad. I’ll pray that you find out what is causing your trouble or at least what fixes it… stick to sprite if you have to have soda, but water is best!

  2. hey scott. im glad ur feeling better!!! đŸ™‚ thts good. and maybe laying off the diet coke is a good idea….. haha

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