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Hi friends,

I hope everyone is well, Philmont’s been rocking the weekends here lately. Last weekends show was outside of Charlotte and was a blast. We had our stumbling blocks though, the first half of the day was great. We were running through new jams and writing awesome new material. Then, like Scott said, our poor bus ” Burney” would start to take us to our show. Also, Scott became sick to his stomach. So the day was full of downers but the show went on and we got every thing to and from the show. The lame part for me followed the next morning when I have to travel about and hour and half away to where the bus was broken down and change the starter. Much thanks to an older gentleman named Joel, who came out on a Saturday to fix what I had started. Pretty much, I started taking off the starter underneath the bus and got it half way off but due to Burney’s past and being from Michigan where salty, wintery roads destroy the underneaths of automobiles, I broke an important bolt then did not have the right tools to complete the job… womp womp. After a few hours a new starter was put on and Burney fired right up.

I have pretty cool news: I got a sweet part-time job at Domino’s! I dig it, they are great and willing to work around Philmonts schedule 🙂 So now ill be raking in the dough..pun intended.

Everyone be sure to pray for Japan and everyone hurting and shelter-less over there. The Japanese people have been through a lot. Also for Lybia that God’s hand is protecting every innocent person.

I hope everyone has a great week, and Happy Spring! We all made it through the Winter!



  1. Haha yeahh, here in Michigan we are notorious for our lovely pot-hole infested roads with the lovely salt shavings leftover from winter. 😛 have fun at Domino’s!! We get Domino’s pizza on Fridays at school….it’s pretty good. :] have a great week!! 😀

  2. Hey guys just found your music on animoto while making a slideshow video to promote our summer camp Laurelville Mennonite Church Center’s Adventure Camp. The song I Can’t Stand to Fall fits our video perfectly and I love the lyrics. We would like to use the video for camp promotion and your song title and name comes up on the video but we don’t want to do anything “unlicensed” and get into trouble. Do you guys have any idea what we need to go through to get permission to use the song in the video if any? I know often commercials have to pay rights to use music for promotion. Would we need to do anything like that to use your song on our video? Do we need to talk to the label you worked with in the past? Please feel free to e-mail me on my personal e-mail to respond to these questions or let me know where to go next with this. Thanks for making some awesome music!

    • Hey Becky I sent you an email, thanks.


        • lauren s.
        • Posted March 27, 2011 at 3:15 PM
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        ahhhhh its josiah!!! I LOVE U!!!!

  3. Good grief, as if the bus wasn’t a big enough dealio. Well, praying that everyone remains un-ill and that Burney holds up. 🙂 That bus has been through so much awesomeness! WHOOT for Dominoes! Isn’t that a blessing, working around the schedule and whatnot? They all deserve high fives!
    Hope y’all are doing well!

    PS: Can someone tell us how Britt’s doing?

  4. thanks the words u wrote about Japan!
    I am one of Japanese who check here all the time 🙂

    in decreasing news about it, we are still in tragic situation. there are so many people who still missing, dead.. 😦 I pray for them too ..! thanx

  5. hey, wat dominos??? cuz ill be sure to order…. hahaha jk, but i do like pizza….. haha

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