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I’m so very ashamed! Last week was the first week since we’ve started this blog that I missed a post! It’ll never happen again.
Sooooo much exciting stuff is going on here on our end. We’re working feverishly to book up our summer schedule. As always, if you want us to come play your town/church just have your youth pastor email us and we’ll do our best to work it out! (

One thing I’ve been noticing a lot lately is that every time we say “Hey, come out to the show tonight” a bunch of people ask where the show is! While we have our shows updated on our facebook page ( – under the “bandtab” section) I want to make sure we’re doing everything in our power to keep you updated! From now on, on my blog posts, I’ll be listing some upcoming shows at the end of my post with all the information. We have a lot of readers on here so I’m hoping it’ll help clear up some of the confusion.

As many of you have discovered, we just released a new music video for our song “Closer” off of The Transition EP.
I’ll post the video here on my blog! Enjoy it!
It was a fun video to make. Like our past videos we didn’t have much of a budget and wanted to do something creative. The idea was to do a live performance piece to give the viewers a good idea of what a Philmont show was like. Since we didn’t have a camera man, I built a couple of camera rigs that would attached to either a band member or an instrument. We filmed over a handful of shows– one shot per night. I love the way it turned out! I’m working on a making of video to show you guys all the behind-the-scenes stuff but I’m waiting to release it until the music video hits 15,000 views. (very doable) So tell all your friends, tweet a link, post it on your facebook page or blog! Every little bit helps!

For those of you who have a Christian Rock radio station in your area, we’ll be sending “Closer” as our new single to them. With your support and prayers we’ll get some airplay and you’ll hear it pumping through your car speakers soon!

That’s it for the Philmont biz. My day has been lovely. There’s a great park in downtown Nashville and it was a beautiful day so me, Britt and Mila went and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun and walking around the park. I really love this town! We’re back at home hanging out for a bit (Mila is passed out on the couch in a big way) then later we’re meeting up with some friends to grab dinner.

Yesterday I met up with my buddy Matt (also the producer of The Transition EP) and we did some writing. One big reason why I moved to Nashville was so that I could do more writing sessions with other people. I love them. It really challenges me as a songwriter and I feel like a grow so much with each session. Me and Matt spent a couple of hours writing a straight-up pop song. It was a lot of fun! Nothing that would ever be a Philmont track but hey- who knows- maybe Lady Gaga will put it on her next record!

Well that’s it for me. As promised here’s the music video followed by some info on upcoming shows.

Upcoming Shows
March 26th: Springfield, IL
Eastview Baptist Youth Revival
2277 East Black Ave
$5 and starts at 5:30

March 27th: Moberly, MO
Timber Lake Christian Church
1624 Gratz Brown
$5-7 and starts at 5:30

April 1st: Hamlin, WV
Lincoln County High School
81 Lincoln Panther Way



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  1. YES, I LOVE THIS!!! I was totally at that show! I love how it’s all footage from this past year. What an amazing video! Great great job, I love it! I can’t wait to see you guys again!

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