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Here is a cool link that our buddy Matt from Wavorly posted: The Open Internet
Check it out – it is an quick informative insight into how we might not have unrestricted, open access to the internet for much longer, if big companies get their way.

And if you have a little more time, here is a really awesome site that our very own Josh Guion sent me to (he knows me so well!): MindLab
This is a very sleek and fascinating series of pages where you can explore how our eyes and brain perceive things that are not really there (and vice versa), and the visual tests that they show you are, well, astonishing.

While we’re at it, check out these sausage links:


GET IT??? SAUSAGE LINKS!!? I am often too funny for my own good…

Well this week I went to a couple of local club shows and saw some of Charlotte’s local talent, which I really haven’t done in a while. There are some good bands here. Mainly went out to support a new band called Birds With Teeth, whose members include my good buddy Jordan who was in Josh’s last band, and our pal Daniel Cunningham who actually played drums for us back in the day! It was their 2nd show, and they sounded splendid!

So I am going to, like, nine weddings in the next six months. I am actually in a handful of them, either as a groomsman or as musical performer. Weddings are always fun. What’s not to love about ’em? Happy people, fancy clothes, friends, dancing, flowers (not to be confused with “dancing flowers”), free food – all good things indeed.

My cell phone went to cell phone heaven this past weekend. One day the screen just went white and I couldn’t do anything about it, despite valiant efforts. It was all good, because I was eligible for an upgrade, so I got a cool new phone for almost nothing. The lame-o part is that since my old phone was unusable, the AT&T store couldn’t transfer any of my contacts over from it, despite valiant efforts. The lesson here for all of you: COPY ALL OF YOUR CELL PHONE CONTACTS ONTO YOUR SIM CARD. Some phones do this automatically, but a lot don’t. Mine didn’t. But boy do I wish I had known to do that…so now I am passing the tip onto all of you. You never know when your phone is gonna kick the bucket!

Well that’s about enough from me. New music video coming soon, as many before me have pointed out (myself included)! Also, thank you to all of you who sent kind words and well wishes my way after the sad events of last week. It meant a lot to me. Have a wonderful week!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Metronome Arthritis” by At The Drive-In

2. “Bulletproof Heart” by My Chemical Romance

3. “American Slang” by The Gaslight Anthem




  1. Good grief, first it was your dog, now it’s your phone. That’s really awful… I’m sorry about that! I learn something new everyday from this blog! 🙂
    Wow, that’s alot of weddings! I do believe I could guess about 3 of them. 🙂 Hope those go great, eat lots of food and cake and stuff!
    Hahahahahaha, sausage links. I love it!
    Take care, Josiahiahiah.

  2. REALLY enjoyed the Mind Lab link! Those are some crazy experiments… lots of fun to do!

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