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Hey ya’ll!
How ya been? I’ve been good! Havin’ some time off here back home in Nashville. Its been great! Britt and I are really moving along with wedding plans and I’m getting so excited! Things are really coming together for sure! Aside from wedding stuff, I’ve been working hard to book some shows for us in the Florida region. I’ve got a lot of great things coming together and I can’t wait to get down there this summer!

Britt and I’s mothers are here for the weekend, working on finishing our wedding invites and other things. It’s nice to see them. I haven’t seen my mother or Britt’s since christmas! Seems like it was yesterday. Its crazy how time is flying by! Trees are already getting leaves and blooming down here! Its crazy.

So, I recently got picked up by a drum stick company called SilverFox Percussion. They are a killer company and I’m so excited to be a part of the team! I’m working on some other new exciting endorsements and I’m really praying that they pick me up. Its tough being on the road financially, and being a drummer, I have so many things that constantly need replaced and fixed. Endorsements are really a huge blessing and help out so much!

Well, I have to get going, but keep checking out the Philmont Facebook page for any updates!

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