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Hey everyone!

This weekend David, my mom, and I all took a little road trip to Charleston, SC to visit Lauren, and because my mom loves it there and it had been too long since her last visit. We drove down Friday night when my mom got home from work, and arrived right around 11pm. Lauren had a Chocolate Chip Pie fresh out of the oven waiting on us when we walked in. You all wish you could have had some. It was delicious.

Early Saturday morning, we all got up and left the condo. Mom and David went and explored around the city, and Lauren and I went and did some volunteer work with the PSA (Presbyterian Students Association) group she’s involved in.

Our first stop was at one of the Charleston food banks that supplies food to people who can’t afford it. They send out over 2,000 boxes filled with different kinds of foods every month. Our job while we were there was to pack as many of these boxes as we could in the time we had. Each of us was assigned a specific item to pack every box with as it moves down the assembly line. I was assigned to pack vegetable juice into the boxes and Lauren got canned yams. Every box got two 64oz. bottles of juice, so I started counting how much juice this food bank was giving away. After I added everything up, I had packed over 3 tons of “America’s Best Vegetable Juice” and we helped feed over 800 people.

After lunch we drove over to a public garden called The Bogarden. This place was really cool. Basically, anyone who comes and helps take care of the plants can pick vegetables when they’re ready to take home and enjoy. So we went and planted flowers surrounding the garden and one of us even helped paint signs for them. I stuck with the flowers. They wouldn’t have wanted me painting their signs.

After we left The Bogarden, we drove to what’s called The Hope House. If a member of a family is hospitalized, that family can stay at The Hope house for free for the duration of their stay. There are a few wooden rocking chairs and a wooden swing out on the porch of this house that needed painting. We only had enough time/paint for one coat, but I think they all turned out pretty great. Even though Lauren and I ended up with more paint on our hands and arms than on the brushes or the chairs.. We still had a blast.

That’s gonna be all for this week! Thanks for reading guys. And keep your eyes out for our new music video for our song “Closer”! It should be out very soon.


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  1. Hahahahaha, great way to spend the day, Josh. 🙂 You would’ve made some awesome signs, I’ll bet! I have always wanted to work at a place like the Hope House.
    Y’all come back to Texas soon!

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