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Hey guys!

This may be a bit short, because I’ve now been awake for over 24hrs and I’m spent! Had a crazy week driving for my friends in Stellar Kart, but it was a killer time. I love those guys! I just got in this morning at around 5am and have to be back up at 5am to take Jordan to the airport tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get some sleep before we have to leave for our show in Richmond, KY tomorrow! haha Other than driving this past week I haven’t been up to a whole lot. Just relaxing and trying to find stuff to keep me busy! I wanted to remind you guys to check out some of the great companies that me and the guys represent when touring:

Avenue Custom Drums
Dream Cymbals
SilverFox Percussion
Legionnaire Apparel
Stop The Nakedness
Scarliet Clothing

Be sure to check out these companies and check out the amazing gear they offer!

Well guys, I have a long day coming up and need to get some rest! I hope to see some of you this weekend in Richmond KY and Muncie IN!

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