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It’s a beautiful day in North Carolina today. I just took my dogs on a walk just wearing some basketball shorts and a tanktop. I love it.

The weather was great all weekend too. Perfect for our hike, which was a blast. We got back and enjoyed some hotdogs and southern fixin’s. Then started a fire for roasting marsh-mellows and making s’mores. I usually use a straightened coat hanger for the marsh-mellows, but we didn’t have any. I tried to find a stick to use instead, but just ended up eating a chocolate bar, graham cracker sandwich. And it was delicious.

Lauren crashed into a wheelbarrow on my Aunt’s zip-line. It was pretty scary, but she’s ok. My cousin Andy tried to run and get it out of the way, but just missed. If you’re wondering where I was, I was at the top of the platform. I had just pushed her off of it.. But not to be mean! I was trying to show her an easier way to start. I’m sure she likes her way better. The way that doesn’t give her a contusion.

Last night I did something I can’t say I’ve ever done before. My mom, dad, and I all met up at my Grandpa’s house in Charlotte. He had something like 20 boxes of projector slides stored somewhere in his house. He invited us over to sit and look at them on his projector screen. They were all from when my dad was a little kid and bunch from before he was even born. It was really cool to see all of those pictures of him that I’ve never seen before. There was even some from the Christmas that my dad got his first drum kit. Then we ordered a pizza and ate and looked through more of the slides. I left before my parents did.. there’s no telling how much history they went through without me.

Philmont has some shows coming up in just a few days. I’m so excited. Not just for the shows, but this weekend will be the first time I’ll get to play through my new Ampeg 8×10! It’s a beast. (according to the pictures Jeremi sent me)

Well those are the highlights of my week. I’ll see you guys next Tuesday!


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  1. Oh wow, sounds like such an eventful weekend! Sounded like you had a blast! 🙂

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