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Hey everyone,
coming to you from my back porch in beautiful Nashville TN. Its finally warmed up down here. The snows melted and we are hittin’ almost 70 degrees outside. Its perfect. No place I’d rather be right now, thats for sure! So since my last blog, Britt and I found a home we want to buy and so we started getting that process going. I must say it has been an eye opener but I’m stoked about it. There is a lot involved with purchasing a home and getting a loan. Its a great learning experience for Brit and I, and its made me realize where I am financially and where I need to get to. Feels good.

I’ve been enjoying this time off so much! I’ve pretty much been hanging with the loved ones and meeting up with some friends here and there. My best friend Jordan is staying with me a lot lately which is amazing. He lives in Phoenix so we dont get to see each other very much! Great having him around! I’ve got a pretty cool weekend coming up. Saturday I’ll be driving tour bus for my friends in Stellar Kart. Some of you are thinking, Wait, you drive busses?….Well yes I do! You see, the last band I was in had a bus and I was pretty much forced to learn how to drive. I’ve got about 3 years and thousands of miles under my belt! Its actually a pretty fun thing to know how to do! They have a few shows coming up while I’m off so I’ll be driving for them to make some money. It’ll be a blast. My lil bro is coming with too. He now works for SK as a tech so it’ll be a fun time! So saturday I’ll be driving bus then this sunday I’m finally playing drums at a church here for worship with my good friend Cody. I’ve been wanting to get into that so bad and finally have something going. I love playing worship. There is something so satisfying about it!

Other than that, I’m still trying to figure out turkey season and trying to find a place to shoot my dang gun! Its so lame down here because you have to pay or be a member to a shooting range. Back home in PA, we would just stand on the back porch and start shootin’ whatever we want….can’t do that here. Dang cities. Hopefully I’ll be moved out of the city and in the country by the end of this year. I’m hoping so at least! It’ll be so nice to have some land and be able to hunt and shoot whenever I want. Like my Daddy always says, “You ain’t no kind of man if you ain’t got land” Love ya Dad!

Well, time to go practice my turkey calls! Hope all of you have been having a great week and have a great weekend! Philmont has some shows coming up in Muncie, IN and Richmond KY so hopefully I’ll see some of you there.

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