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Today we rest!
After visiting a new church and taking Mila on a long walk me and Britt have been just hanging out here in our new place just relaxing!
We’ve been adjusting to Nashville life pretty good. Last week I started a new job doing phone sales for a company called Interlinc who specializes in the Youth Leaders Only packages. A lot of you probably get these in your youth group. It’s not a super exciting job by any means but it gets me out of the house and lets me interact with some new people.
On Wednesday Nashville had a few inches of snow which turned my 45 minute drive home from work into a treacherous 3 hour drive! I was sooooo thankful to finally make it home. I was so afraid I would slide off the road and be stuck there till morning.
This morning I got the first proofs of our skateboard deck artwork for our new Philmont/Wisdom Skateboards project. It looks super cool. I’m stoked with the way it turned out. I hope next week I can show you a picture of it!
It will be for sale on our merch store and at our merch table probably starting in April so keep an eye out for it. These things are great for skating as well as just hanging on your wall.
We’ve just added a handful of shows to our calendar. Check out the schedule on our Facebook Page
If you’d like to see Philmont come play a show in your area just have your youth pastor send us an email and we’ll do our best to connect on something:
That’s it for me this week. I hope you’re all doing well!
I leave you with this picture of my dog…She’s pouting right now because I had to write my blog and wouldn’t throw her ball for her. Whatta brat!



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