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It’s my 23rd birthday! And it happens to be my blog day. As a gift to myself, I am not spending a long time on this blog!

So I found out something awesome today, as some of you may have seen via my tweet earlier. The Beach Boys are planning a reunion for next year! You might not think it’s a big deal, but basically, since the late 80s, Brian Wilson (chief songwriter / producer / genius of the BBs) has been touring and recording solo, while several of the other members have been touring as “The Beach Boys”. Brian hasn’t played with the group for decades.

Not only that, but Capitol Records has plans to release the original version of Brian’s 1966 Beach Boys masterpiece “Smile” which was shelved prior to its release [Brian re-recorded the songs and released a new version of Smile in 2004, but none of the other Beach Boys were involved]. “Smile” was supposed to be the follow-up the Beach Boys crowning achievement “Pet Sounds”, which you can find near the top of most publications’ “Greatest Albums of All Time” list. But the recordings were getting too experimental, and Brian was under a lot of pressure from his bandmates and the record label to put out an album with marketable singles that will sell. He got very close to finishing, but the process was taking too long, so Capitol cancelled the release and locked up the master tapes. Until now. You can read the article here.

Anyway, I love talking about the Beach Boys, as their music and vocals have influenced me in no small way, and it’s my birthday, so I can ramble if I want!
I am a little sniffly, so if you could pray for me when you get a chance, I would be much obliged. Have a great week!

Three Songs to Buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “23” by Jimmy Eat World

2. “Twentythree” by Yellowcard

3. “3 A.M.” by Matchbox Twenty (get it?)




  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSIAH. You rock. Do something spiffy! 🙂
    Brian Wilson is amazing!

  2. First of all, Happy Birthday!!! I didn’t have time to make all of you guys cards (Take that up with my French professor) but I promise to make some extra cookies and brownies next time you are all back in VA Beach!

    ‘The Beach Boys’ have been in my area a couple of times… My dad saw them, but didn’t take me. 😦 He’ll be so excited to know that Brian will be touring with them again!

  3. I remember when I was little all I listened to was Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys. They rock! Happy birthday Josiah!

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