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Hey boys and girls

This weekend was a blast. We went back out to Texas and made a lot of new friends. Like Scott said, the roads on the way out there were pretty miserable. They were probably the worst road conditions we’ve seen. But thanks to a lot of prayers and some very slow driving, we made it to Canyon safely. All of those kids that were a part of this event made it all worth while. They were crazy. Even some crowd-surfers out there. Thanks for hanging out with us guys! And to make the weekend even better, the roads on the way back home were snow and ice free!

Thanks to some help by Jeremi Hough, I am the proud owner of an Ampeg 8×10. Good riddance Mr. Peavey.

I’m not gonna give anything away, but starting sometime very soon Philmont will have a few items of new merch at our table! Come see us whenever you can and be the first of your friends to sport the new gear!

How many of you guys are stoked about a new Philmont music video??? If you haven’t heard, it’ll be for our song “Closer.” Scott has been working on editing it, it’ll just take a little longer than we originally thought. (Jo.) We should have it out sometime within the next couple of months for you guys! Get ready.

One more thing, if you guys could send a prayer out for my dog Harley. He was very sick yesterday and we had to take him to the vet. He got into something that poisoned him, we don’t know what it was he got into, but today he’s doing a lot better. Hopefully things will stay that way.

Thanks guys! I’ll see you all next Tuesday!


One Comment

  1. Praying for Harley. Texas crowds are pretty wicked, not kidding. 🙂
    Can’t wait for the “Closer” music video! I’m stoked!

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