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Hi friends and moms,

Happy majority of Philmont Birthdays month or as you commonly know it, ” February”. I turn 23 in 5 days which Im pretty excited. Josiah is soon after. Last year I had my birthday outside of Phoenix, Az. It was fun and I dont think I had to drive as a present from the rest of the dudes. We will see what I get this year! Then Ill be home the day after to spend some time and celebrate with my fam.

Last week I found out about Aaron Gillespie’s worship tour and surprisingly the first date was 15 minutes away. So after a little bit of job hunting I drove out and ended up having a great evening listening to some great praise and worship and running into some great friends. If this tour is coming anywhere near you I urge you to attend, I believe its free.

So yeah, couple of us have been hunting the ol’ hard to find part-time job to make a few bucks when were home off the road. If you would like to employ us or know of anyone send them our way, or better yet you can donate to Philmont!! Message us on Facebook to ask how.

Time to start packing the luggage and its probably going to be a snowy trip after this recent blast of Winter Wonder-ness. Stay warm out there land locked midwest states! Here we come Texas.. again. 😉




  1. Happy Birthday, pretty much all of Philmont, sort of! Y’all have a great time in my awesome state, don’t drive crazy. 🙂

  2. Hey happy birthday guys of Philmont!! Today is my birthday. Sweet 16!
    Ha ha and your turning 23! Hope you guys find a part time job.

  3. happy birthday!!!!

    i went to the aaron gillespie worship tour too!! it was so amazing 🙂

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