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Hello everyone!

I’m back from my weekend trip to Charleston. I had a blast down there and the weather was great. It was only cold and windy outside on the days we decided to leave our jackets inside.. But we didn’t let it get to us. We would just walk a little faster to wherever we were headed. And maybe stop in more stores than we would have normally. This weekend I came to realize a few things. I want to learn how to cook (unless you have to like a lot of vegetables), I want a boat, and I want a dog to take on my boat with me. But I can’t have the dog until I have the boat. If any of you can make any of these happen, we’ll be best friends.

I’m bringing the peace sign back.

In a couple of weeks my family will be going on our annual hike! Every year we all get together at my Aunt’s house and walk on miles of trails through the woods behind her house, then once we make our way back, we’ll get a fire going and roast hot dogs, and make s’mores. We usually do this on January 1st, but there was rain this year, so we moved it back. You’re all invited! BYOHotdogs.

Thursday we’ll be leaving for Texas again! It’ll be a long drive.. one that we just got home from not that long ago, but it’ll be worth it! Maybe they’ll even have a little bit of warm weather for us. We’ll see. But like Scott said, this is a closed event, so unfortunately if you aren’t already attending, you won’t be able to. We seem to make it out to Texas a lot though! So I’m sure we’ll be back that way soon.

Have a good week!




  1. I’ll be in Charleston in April. I’m looking forward to it! Except for the fact that Trans-Siberian Orchestra is supposed to be here that weekend. >D

    I can teach you how to cook!!! I can’t help you with the boat and dog though…

    Happy February!

  2. Wish I could see you guys again, but tis all good. I’ll see y’all next time, and hopefully next time, I’ll be able to totally cream you at ping pong. 🙂
    Have a great time in TX, Joshes.

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