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So I know it’s Monday morning and you typically see a blog from me on Sundays BUT I’ve been moving all weekend….and I’m living in central time now so…you know…like jet-lag and stuff like that. ANYWHO, I’m so stoked to be moved in finally! On Saturday morning we got up early and hit the road with my brother and his buddy–me and Britt in the car and the other two in my brother’s truck pulling a trailer. It took about 7 hours to get here, 2 hours to carry everything up (I didn’t tell them we got a 3rd floor unit until we got here!) and the rest of the night to assemble the furniture! I have the best brother in the world–he stuck it out till 2am assembling an entertainment unit that, otherwise, would still be in boxes! (pictured)

We love the new place. There are some restaurants under the condos including a frozen yogurt joint, burrito place, cupcake shop and a sushi place. We’d better find the gym here or I’m gonna weigh 800lbs by the next show!
Speaking of the next show, we’re leaving later in the week to head back out to West Texas for a weekend long event (don’t plan the road trip just yet…it’s a closed show). While it’s gonna kinda be a bummer to drive 16 hours back down the same road we trekked on the last trip, we’re always happy for an excuse to see some of our TX friends!
Right now my wife is on the couch reading me jokes from the game Frontierville — here’s one for you.
“What’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup?”——->You can roast beef!
Well, I’ve got to accompany my wife to the grocery store (I hate the grocery store) and then hang some shelves and picture frames.
I have so many grownup things to do now!
Blessings kid-o’s!
See ya next week.


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  1. I love that Mila is in the photo. 🙂 So glad the move went good, hope y’all love the new place! Wish I could see you guys again here, but hope y’all have an awesome time.
    Thanks, Scott!

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