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Well it sure has been a while since I’ve posted on here…whats up with that? Sorry for being lazy ya’ll, normally not a slacker, but I’ve def been slackin’ on blogs.

So, how are all of you doing? I hope quite well. We got back from our “Count of Monte’ CrisTOUR” with Children 18:3 about a week ago and man was that run a blast. Not a whole lot of shows but the ones we had were killer. Thanks to all of you who came out showed your support. We also just had Rage Fest which was a good time. You guys were great. I will admit, it was one of the worst shows I’ve ever played. Not because of the crowd or because we sounded bad….but because I had to play the worst drumset I’ve ever played in my life. You see, when bands play festivals, the festival has what is called BackLine gear and its basically amps/drums that stay on stage the whole day to help changing between bands go faster. Well, the drums at Rage Fest were pretty rough. After 40 minutes of playing I broke a cymbal stand, a floor tom head, and split my knuckle wide open…bleeding all over my cymbals…Rock n’ Roll! haha, I tried not to let it ruin my day, but I was pretty frustrated. All of you who came to the table afterwards to hang out def made it much better, thank you!

Moving on…
Since Rage, I’ve been back home in Nashville hanging out with loved ones, job hunting, and getting stuff ready for Spring Turkey Hunting season! I purchased some new camo last week and it should be here tomorrow…I’m so pumped. I also sold some junk on craigslist and made enough money to buy a new shotgun…for those who care, I’m getting a Mossberg 500 Pump-action 12ga…killer. I’ll be getting it when we get back from TX….I’m also super stoked to use my custom made Forbes Turkey Call that was mailed to me last week. My youth pastor from back home started this company and he hand-makes turkey/crow calls out of crazy woods and he’s sending me one to try out. Can’t wait! Other than that, I’ve been trying to figure out the best places to hunt in TN and hopefully I’ll start scouting next month to find that perfect spot. It’ll be a fun season…My little brother will be coming out with me as well as my good friend Nick…Gonna do some work.

…what else is new…..OH! I got a new set of cymbals from the kind folks at DREAM CYMBALS. Check em out…

Lastly. My birthday is coming up… February 22. Its my “golden birthday” as I’ll be turning 22 on the 22nd….so that means that I should get at least one gift card from a Philmont Fan for Basspro, Gander Mountain, or Cabela’s….HINT HINT 🙂 I’ll remind you every week until my birthday.

Well, have a great week everyone!
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  1. I haven’t seen you guys since October. This is very sad. 😦

    Hunting sounds fun!!! I would like to try it one day.

    So… The only one of those places I’ve heard of is Basspro. Unfortunately, the closest one to me is about an hour away. Will Starbucks work? 😉

  2. haha anything works! Walmart normally has B.Pro ones! hehehe 😉

  3. Hey Jeremi! Hope you’re having fun on break-ish I think… ( sorry if I’m wrong) Hope your knuckle feels better! It’s cool that your birthday is in 2-22-11 haha turnin’ 22 on the 22nd day! Hope your birthday wishes come true! And lastly… That’s a pretty cool shotgun you got there! Have a great day and God bless! ^_^

  4. That does sound like a hard time but at least there were some optimistic parts to everything…I mean great fans to cheer you up, new cymbals, new shotgun(well that parts not to optimistic for the poor turkeys)lol
    Gander Mountain, love that place…not sure if you can use the gift card if its purchased in Florida??

  5. if y’all came to saint louis (hint, hint!) I could give you cookies, cupcakes and brownies galore. but I’m guessing they wouldn’t do too swell in the mail. so we shall see what I decide to get you. 🙂

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