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Hello gang!

I hope everyone is doing well. We just returned from a nice warm Phoenix, Az. We had a blast out there at Rage festival. Its been two years since we played out there, so many friends were out there to reunite with. It was so worth the two days drive to get home.

The cold weather is still in full force here as Im sure it is for many of you. Were supposed to get more snow here in the next day. Which means house arrest and pure boredom for many, I may just have to make another snow shark.

So this weekend as you may have ready Scott and Britt begin their big move to Nashville, Tennessee, US of A. You know they are excited. Wish I could be in the same boat but God has different plans for each one of us. Have no worries, Philmont is still going strong, were going to have some newer tunes being worked on and shaped. We’re just going to all live further away from each other.

Well im going to watch my usual monday night History channel! Have a great week



  1. I despise snow. Unfortunately, Virginia Beach has gotten a lot of it this year. And even worse, unfortunately, I can’t sit around in pure boredom…Dumb college. 😛

    I’m glad you all made it back safely! I hope to see you guys and Britt again soon!

  2. hopefully, this snow that is supposed to hit Charlotte will NOT hit… ive already been out of school for a week because of snow, i dont need to miss anymore!! ;D i dont want to sit around in pure boredom.. its just… boring! XD

    im glad you guys got back safely and are doing well… hmm… Monday night History Channel.. American Pickers? ahaha my dad watches that show all the time and it was on last night 😀

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