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Ladies and Gentlemen,
This will be the last Charlotte, NC based blog that I write (ironically enough I’m typing it up while in Atlanta) as I will be officially moving to Nashville, TN next Saturday! I’m super excited to get out there and finally get moved. I’ve wanted to do so for a few years now but I had to wait on God’s go-ahead. Now that he’s green lit the move, I’m outta here!
Here’s a little background on my living situation. I got married out of college and me and Britt moved into a small apartment in Charlotte where we worked, saved and dove head first into Philmont. After that year the band started touring full time and she felt called to be on the road so we packed up and moved back in with my folks to save money. (side bar- being in a band doesn’t pay! Most of us live at home!)
We’ve been staying with my parents for a little over two years now and are so excited for the opportunity to be back out on our own though I’m eternally grateful for their hospitality and patients.
Living in Nashville will provide me with many more opportunities to write with other artists which I’m super excited about AND I’ll be living just down the street from Jeremi so moving help will be easy to find (I hope!)
I’ve learned a very valuable lesson with my living situation and it’s that God will always provide a way—in his time! It’s that pesky “in his time” clause that drives most of us crazy! It’s not financially logical for me and Britt to be able to be out on our own but God provided a way for us. If God has put something on your heart be patient and trusting with it! Focus more on the what and not so much on the when–God’s timing is always perfect!
Look for my first Nashvegas blog next weekend!


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  1. Hooray, Scott, I did not know this! That is awesome! Praying for you both, that the moves go swift and fast. I’ve always wanted to live in Nashville.

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