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Yo yo, Josiah here. Just wanted to post real quick about the latest piece of gear I acquired. Recently, the very kind folks at MEElectronics hooked us each up with a pair of their M6 in-ear headphones. I was personally stoked, and you’ll see why momentarily…

When we first started using in-ear monitors, the Shure systems we bought each came with a pair of the “professional grade” E2 earbuds. Whoa, awesome, right? Not so much. My Shure earbuds constantly fell out during shows, and after only a year of use, I got an irreparable short in one side. That’s when I started buying cheap Skull Candy buds, because I figured “if these expensive Shure ones aren’t anything special and are gonna break anyway, I may as well spend 13 bucks on Skull Candys a few times a year”. So that’s what I did. I went through about 4 pairs of these, and after my last pair broke a few weeks ago, Jeremi told me he had spoken with someone at MEElectronics and had gotten us each a pair of their M6 in-ears.

I was stoked! We got them in and I couldn’t believe the look and feel of these things. Super professional-looking clear plastic design. Smooth, comfortable wire that is moldable around the ears (ideal for those of us who move around a lot on stage). And perhaps the most convenient perk: five different styles/sizes of interchangeable rubber tips, allowing me to experiment and find the most snug fit.

I’ve used them for half a dozen shows now, and have not had even the slightest issue yet. There is plenty of length on the cord so I have slack for headbanging and uninhibited movement. The bass response is wonderful (I’ve had problems in the past with fuzziness around the bass and piano in my ears), and the tone is full without being abrasive. Not once has either side slipped out of place or fallen out yet. I can’t speak on the lifespan yet obviously, but all I can say is I hope they last infinitely, because I love them! And seriously, for the price these are sold at online, I would recommend anyone, band or no band, getting a pair. You will find quality, comfort, and sound isolation that are far beyond most other products in this price range. Professional product at a consumer price! Thanks MEElectronics!



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  1. dang that’s awesome! i’m gonna have to get me some of those! 🙂

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