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We’ve just started the long haul from Phoenix, AZ back to Charlotte, NC. Jeremi is in the front seat blasting Creed from his iPod (not joking). Today we played the opening main stage slot at Rage Fest and had an absolute blast! It’s been a couple of years since we played Phoenix and it was super cool to see so many familiar (but much more grown up looking) faces! On top of the great crowd the weather was fantastic. Two weeks ago I packed a tank top especially for today and was so glad I did.
Last December we started filming a music video for our new song “Closer” a little bit at each show. This trip marked the culmination of that filming! I have all the footage on my computer and very well may start editing it over the next 2,000 miles of driving! I hope to have it ready next month!
I’m moving to Nashville in a few days! I’m absolutely STOKED to do so!
My blog looks like Jeremi posted it with all my exclaimating!!!!!! (don’t try that word in Scrabble)
Im gonna turn in for the evening. Please pray for safe travel and for a productive 2011!


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  1. Praying for you guys as y’all travel Scott! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you guys at the Birchman show, thank you so much for everything.

  2. Hey, I’ve been leaning some of your songs with the tabs you guys made, lovin those, My Hippocratic Oath and Back down so far, but theres still one that I would love to learn, but you guys haven’t made the tab for it yet. “To Say They Hit It Off Would Be An Understatement.” Easily one of my favorite songs on the “Attention” Album. Can’t wait for that tab!

    Hope you guys have a safe drive back! Can’t wait to see the music video!

    • That song is indeed tabbed and on the list, the file is called “Hit It Off tab” sorry i didn’t feel like typing out the whole title! You can find it with the rest of them here. Happy learning!


  3. hope you travel safelyy!! cant WAIT until the music video(: uber excitedd

  4. philmont come to El Salvador i wish hear your songs in live.. you are awesome … God blessing you

  5. Thank you guys for calling me friday that was so awsome!! Made my night.
    Can’t wait for that new video guys! Stoked!

  6. Praying for an awesome 2011 for you all; I can’t wait to see the video! 🙂

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