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Hey friends! Hope you are all having a pleasant January. Did you guys enjoy all the snow this week? Probably some of you more than others…I heard that 49 of the 50 states experienced snow this week, which I can only assume means that Montana missed out…

Hey hey hey I’ve got some tasty new guitar tabs for you! This week you can learn how to play “Ringing In My Head” (probably the easiest song on the EP), and “The Alchemist” (probably the most difficult song on the EP). Next week I will wrap this up by posting a tab for “The Last Song I Sing” that doesn’t require a capo, as well as our B-side “Shuttle Launch”, which many of you Kickstarter backers are in possesion of.

We are driving through Arkansas on our way to Dallas from Nashville right now, and boy these roads are almost undriveable. Not because of the weather, but because Arkansas’s interstates are horrendously rough and bumpy. Maybe everyone here drives Hummers or something, but if I lived here I would have to buy a helicopter. You may think I’m exaggerating, but think about it – I’m literally the most honest person on the planet!

So we have a couple days in Texas before we head to sunny Arizona to play Ragefest, which was the very first show that our bus Burnie accompanied us on. That’s right, his inaugural trip (Jan 2008) was a straight shot from Charlotte NC to Phoenix AZ. Crazy stuff. We are excited to get to Rage and see a lot of our friends from other bands that are playing. We are equally excited to make use of the In-N-Out Burger gift cards that were so kindly gifted to us by our friends Amy & Tracy from California!

I’ve been working tirelessly on my Rubik’s cube skills, and I can now solve it relatively quickly with no help from my “cheat sheet”. So that is cool.

Well I guess I’m done for this week. Stay warm and have a great week!

Three Songs to buy on iTunes This Week:
1. “Bicycle Race” by Queen

2. “Digital Sea” by Thrice

3. “Three-Dee Melodie” by Stereolab




  1. Actually, my poor Florida friends were the only ones without snow. Even Hawaii got some!

    I think I’m going to have to get a Rubik’s cube now… I love puzzles, so I may find it really fun!

  2. we even got snow here in Charlotte. ive been out of school for 4 days because of snow… acctually not really because of snow… there’s like a layer of ice on top of the snow so i guess you could call my 4 days out of school “ice days” 😛

    haha i love how you mentioned your Rubik’s Cube cuz i asked you bout it the other day. MWAHAHAHAA!! i dont think i have the patience to sit down and try to do a Rubik’s Cube….

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