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Hello friends,

Hope all of you had a great New Years. Its currently 1/11/2011 so hooray. Just wait till November 11th that will be the talk of twitter status updates I bet. Philmont is crashing in Nashville waiting to head down to Dallas, Tx. Josh and I are staying with his longtime bud Jo near Belmont College. Its an old rickety house with many rooms and stories. We made a sweet fire in the fire place last night and fell asleep with the embers crackling and a warm glow. Sad sight when we woke up freezing and the fire out. Anyways, theres snow once again all over the southwest and I cant wait to get south to Phoenix to Rage fest! Lots of friends that I havent seen in quite sometime down there.

Sadly this is another year Ill be missing Elizabeth and my anniversary again. This year marks 5 years weve been together. I have a lot of making up to do because Im in the doghouse… again. Guys always get her things just to know she is special. It could be jewelry or something dumb you know she would appreciate. Ill be taking this into action here shortly and shipping her some lovely things.

Valentines is around the corner so lock down those reservations and buy those cards. Kiddos prepare to tell that guy or girl how you feel. Also get Philmont some candy to show some love. That is all.

I hope everyone is staying warm, theres a pretty chilly draft coming from somewhere in this old house. time to throw a blanket on.

Have a good week!



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