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Hello friends,
Me and the fellas are currently relaxing in Nashville, TN as we have a few days off of The Count of Monte CrisTour with Children 18:3. The tour has been great so far and we absolutely love being out with the Children children. It is nice to have a lazy Sunday though! I got to go to church with Jeremi and his fiance and Britt which is a good thing cause we’ll be moving here in a couple of weeks!
Other than church, the bulk of mine and Jeremi’s day has consisted of playing Nazi Zombies for Call of Duty Black Ops. For those of you who are unfamiliar- it is a game where you and your partner run around and go through different waves of zombie attacks and try to survive as long as you can. Our max right now is level seven but hey…the night is young! When I logged on to write my blog today I found a pending comment from John from Relient K (formerly of Ace Troubleshooter fame) in regards to a blog I posted a little while back about an old Ace song. This may mean nothing to you—but i thought it was kinda cool to know he read it!
Our next show on this tour is in Dallas, TX on then to Fort Worth and rounding out the great adventure in Phoenix, AZ for Rage Fest.
Should be a hum-diddly-do of a good time.
In un-band-related news, me and Britt started on our “read through the bible in a year” program on January 1 and I’m so glad we did! Many of the stories we’re reading are ones I’ve read long ago and it’s great to revisit them and give them more thought. I will admit, due to travel, we are two days behind so we’ll be doing a little extra reading tonight! So far it’s been a super rewarding experience and I can’t wait to cross the finish line with the few of you who are undertaking the program as well.
Until next week, stay warm!



  1. how can you find the dates for the tour cuz i love you and children 18:3

  2. i do believe i’ll be seeing you gentlemen this thursday? jolly good! tell nash i said hey!

  3. It was awesome seeing y’all at Insomnia at Birchman last Friday. For the record, Call of Duty Black OPS is amazing!

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