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What up kidd-o’s?
How lucky am I to get to post the first blog of the year for Philmont?!
Let me fill you in on how we did this year with some blog stats:
The official Philmont blog (the one you’re looking at) had 188 new posts this year which were view about 51,000 times. The most views in one day occurred on January 25th for the blog titled “Lord of the Flies = LOST?” written by yours truly with 612 views.
Fret not! I did not waste all day coming up with that data on my own- wordpress sent us a yearly report!

I figured in the spirit of a new year I would share a list of favorites for the year. These aren’t necessarily thing’s that came out in 2010, just things that I experienced over the last year.
Feel free to comment and let me know if some of our favorites line up!

Favs of 2010

Favorite new restaurant: Pinkberry
Favorite movie: The Other Guys
Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad
Favorite book (that I read…excluding the Bible): The Jesus of Suburbia: Mike Erre
Favorite new band/artist: Ellie Goulding
Favorite CD: “My Dinosaur Life” by Motion City Soundtrack
Favorite Show: Soulblast in Battle Creek, MI
Favorite Festival: Agape Fest
Favorite new Gadget: Square Up for the iPhone
Favorite video game: COD: Modern Warfare
Favorite Store: Target
Favorite Month: March was a good month!
Favorite New Place: Capitola, CA
Favorite Fan: hmmm… Can’t pick just one!
Favorite band-related moment: When you guys pushed our kickstarter to our $4,000 goal after only 1 week.

Those are my faves. Hope you all had a great 2010 and I pray that God reveals himself to you all the more in 2011. We have some shows on the books for early January. It’d be awesome to see your smiling faces at all of them!




  1. Favorite fan?! You kidding? 🙂 Good job Scott, I love Target too. But I’m extremely saddened I won’t get to see you guys this month… 😦 I hope I can soon though, come back to TX in the near near future. (March, since it’s a good month).

  2. Soul Blast?!?! thats awesome! I was there, as I am every year. You guys should def come back! 😀

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