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Hey Guys,
I apologize for the lack of blogs from me the past few weeks. I’ve had a lot going on! I’ve been back home in PA for the holidays, catching up with all of my amazing family and friends back in my hometown! Its been so good to see everyone, especially my great grandmother! She’s incredible. I actually got a tattoo a few days ago with her name in it! She’s so stoked on it!

Besides the typical holiday parties and gatherings, my fiance’ and I have been taking care of a ton of wedding stuff. Our wedding is going to be here in PA, but we both have places in Nashville, so we’ve been trying to get a lot done while we are home. We locked down our church, the venue for the reception, meals for the reception, engagement photos, invitations, flowers, and bridesmaid dresses! Its been a lot of fun so far and I can’t be more excited for the big day!

Tomorrow is Christmas eve and I’m so thrilled! I’ve reached the point in my life where I’m no longer stoked about Christmas because of “gifts”. I actually couldn’t care less about getting them. I’ve been away so much the past 5 years from touring that I’ve now gained a new appreciation for family and what it means to be spending time with each other. Its been so nice spending time with Mom and Dad, hanging out with my baby bro, and visiting all of my grandparents! Its something I truly look forward to with the holidays and, well, any time I come home really! I really hope that all of you will try your very hardest to not focus on those gifts you get during this time of year, but focus on the people who are giving you those gifts and show them all the love you possibly can! There’s no better feeling!

Well, I hope all of you enjoy the holidays!



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